Enamel Pins: Grading & Regulations

The production of enamel pins is a very expensive and tedious process. All of these designs are drawn by Devious Drawing, which can sometimes take up to 20 hours per design, then they are sent to a professional graphics artist and completely redrawn as a vector file, this process can also take up to 10 hours if not longer. After the final vector design is approved, they are sent to an enamel pin manufacturer to have it previewed and sorted. Some of these designs have plenty of colors, small details, and are fairly large, which all boost the prices of the base cost of these pins. After the metal is made, workers are stationed to fill all these small pockets with enamel which is a very long and tedious process to all do by hand. Because most of our enamel pins are handmade, we overlook small blemishes and see the artwork, time, and detail behind every pin. Due to the quality, size, design, and effects on these pins, we typically grade them differently than some other pin producers. Please read below to have a better understanding of our grading system.



"Standard" -

These pins are in perfect condition, near perfect condition, or good condition. Some very minor defects like minor small air bubbles, a light scratch, a small puncture, or slightly off printing can appear on an standard grade pin. Normally when blemishes do appear on these pins, they are very small and aren't noticeable unless the pin is held up very close to the eye upon examination. Most of these pins look fine, if not perfect, from a standard distance away.

"B/Defected" -

These pins have defects such as missing enamel, a notable puncture or scratch, large uneven or caved in epoxy area, larger amount of visible air bubbles, and/or printing can be smudged or misplaced to a notable degree. These pins normally are still beautiful and deserving of love if you can look past these blemishes. None of these defected pins will ever look horrible and are great for those who are on a budget and/or do not mind small blemishes.

Our enamel pins go through a quality check twice, but since we are all human we are still prone to errors. Please contact us if you feel you have received an enamel pin below the grade you have purchased so we may assist you.

Drop rules:

  • Only one variant per person/per address, please do not buy multiple of a single pin so everyone may have a chance to grab one.
  • You only may buy multiple of a pin if you have been approved prior, through communication with the shop. Please fill out our contact form.
  • After 72 hours of the pin drop, you may buy any additional pins you desire.
  • Do not purchase these pins for the sole purpose of reselling them for a higher value. This is highly frowned upon. If you are caught doing this I will blacklist you from purchasing from our shop.