About Me

Devious Drawing was founded in 2020 and is based in Massachusetts, US.
All artwork is drawn by the sole owner of this business, you may refer to me as “Devious”, but my real name is Karina! All the work here at Devious Drawing is not done just by me, my fiancé is also part of the team. He makes most of our stickers and accomplishes order fulfillment most times, so if you receive a package it was most likely him who packed it! If you’ve come across our booth at a convention you’ve most likely met him since he typically accompanies me and helps me throughout the weekend, he is much more of a social butterfly than I!
Here is a bit about me:
I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and have always been inspired by dark art and anime culture since I was a young child. I spent a lot of time during school hours doodling in my sketchbook, but I had never thought it would lead me here! 
My interests outside of drawing are video games, and sleeping. My favorite kind of games are rhythm games; I spend a lot of my spare time at Round 1 and anywhere that has dance cabinets available.
Growing up I was heavily inspired by shows on Adult Swim, I got access to the internet at a very young age and fell in love watching all kinds of anime shows. Drawing has always been a very comforting outlet for me, I always draw characters I can relate to or thoroughly enjoy because I find a deeper connection in my artwork this way. Conventions are an amazing time when I am able to find conversation with others over my artwork and characters! 
My goal is to travel to all kinds of places and meet various people who appreciate my artwork, and to live a comfortable life.

Find our shop at the Auburn Mall in Auburn, MA!